Answer: Resists/Hinders/restricts the outside sound/noise.
Answer: It is Sound Resistant.
Answer: In percentage: up to 85% and in decibels: maximum 40 db.
Answer: We have single glass 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm and DGU options.
DGU meansDouble Glass Unit, which is 18 mm sandwich panel (4mm toughened glass + 10mm spacer+ 4 mm toughened glass)and 25 mm sandwich panel (5 mm toughened glass + 15 mm spacer+ 5 mm toughened glass)
Answer: You can visit our Experience Center at Paud Road,Kothrud where you can experience all variants of windows, colours , locks and off course Silence. Address is mentioned in detail on website.
Answer: It depends on size & specification.
Answer: Yes. We have manufacturing unit at Shivane Industrial Estate.
Answer: Yes. Only if, “Utility Windows” are replaced with.
Answer: 15 days after confirmation.
Answer: We have more than 200 color shades in Powder Coating, Anodizing and Wooden Finish.